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Wind Jackets

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Product Introduction

Wind Jacket

A wind jacket, or a windbreaker (wind cheater), is a thin fabric jacket designed to resist wind chill and light rain, making it a lighter version of the jacket. It is usually of lightweight construction and characteristically made of a synthetic material. A windbreaker often uses elastic waistbands, and/or armbands, and a zipper to allow adjustments for the current weather conditions.


Regular jackets, coats, etc. may include a type of wind jacket as an interlining that can be removed when desired. Wind jacket sometimes include a hood that may be removable and/or stowable. Many wind jackets may also include large pockets on the inside or the outside which allows belongings to be covered from weather such as light wind or rain as mentioned above. Wind jackets offer light to moderate insulating protection, more so than a sweater, but less than an overcoat.

Camouflage Pattern & Color

Navy Blue

Navy blue (originally known as a marine blue or dark blue) is a very dark shade of the blue color. It got its name from the dark blue worn by the British Royal Navy officers, adopted later by other navies worldwide, and soon introduced to the public.

Specification Options


Fabric Material: 100% Polyester Fabric ; 100% Nylon Fabric ; 100% Nylon 6.6 Fabric ; Laminated Fabric ; Can be Customized.

Weaving Style: Plain / Twill / Ripstop ; Can be Customized

Yarn Count: Can be Customized

Yarn Density: Can be Customized

Weight: Can be Customized

Camouflage Pattern & Color: Can be Customized

Coating: PU / PVC ; Can be Customized

Function: Wind Proof ; Can be Customized



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